Vintage design ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ Model

 When the original Macintosh went on sale in 1984, it was sold for about $2,495.

Imagine owning an iPhone that looks like the first Mac.

The vintage Apple Macintosh computer is the inspiration behind the retro “iPhone 7 Plus.” ColorWare, a gadget company which specializes in customized color tech accessories, has created this limited edition model, and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

According to Apple Insider, the custom-painted retro model looks like a Macintosh computer from the 1980s. The device is unlocked and is SIM-free. ColorWare says that they are offering this for a limited time only. So if you have an extra $1,899, and if you’re feeling nostalgic, go to their website to order.

MacRumors said that the retro “iPhone 7 Plus” has 256GB of storage – which normally has a retail price of $969. The first 25 “iPhone 7 Plus” Retro Edition devices sold will include a number of authenticity. The  model will also come with EarPods, a Lightning to USB Cable, a USB Power Adapter, and documentation in the box.

Once you order, expect to get the device in two to three weeks. ColorWare also said that the “iPhone 7 Plus” Retro Edition has a multi-coloured Apple rainbow logo along with a dark beige edge stripes.

The company has released other retro-styled Apple devices in the past. Retro “MacBook Air,” “MacBook,” “iMac,” and “iPhone 6S” have appeared in the ColorWare website before, but the models are always sold in limited quantities. The “iPhone 7 Plus” Retro Edition is the best-looking custom iPhone available, many critics agree. Consider yourself elite if you can get one. If you are one of the first 25,  the hefty price tag will be worth it.


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