Samsung plans to stop using the fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy smartphones

Fingerprint sensors are so popular it has to be ‘more smart phones middle-class market. Users have contradictory opinions about the advantages of this biometrical technology . Some adore the idea of unlocking their device on their own way, while others feel that it is unnecessary. In the coming months we may become witnesses of an interesting change in the strategy of the largest manufacturer of smartphones with Android operating system.

Samsung is already seriously considering the idea of not using fingerprint sensors in future models of the Galaxy, said PhoneArena. According to an anonymous employee of the company revealed that it intends to stop using fingerprint sensors in smartphones, because it is obsolete. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, may be the last series of smartphones that include this component. Both smartphones have a fingerprint scanner, and embedded iris scanner.

This component is not working well enough, so Samsung included the new premium models an technology for facial recognition. Thanks to their technology, consumers can unlock smartphones within a second. We must not forget the fact that the iris scanner is a very effective solution, which also contributes to desire Samsung to drop fingerprint sensors in Galaxy smartphones .

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