Polaroid From Old Photos – Simple

Today we are talking about making a Polaroid photo from your old photos, taken with phone or professional camera.

This is going to be cheap and it won’t cost you more than 50 cents to print the photos.

Follow the simple steps to make your own Polaroid photos!

Full STEP BY STEP tutorial Below

  • First open Photoshop and under file create new project

Make sure the weight is set to 7.5 centimeters by 10 for height

Set the resolution to a 100 for better quality and click okay.


  • Duplicate the background


  • Go again to file and new but this time change the settings to 6.5 by 7.5 height and click okay. Grab the paint bucket. Make sure the color is quite different than white and fill the whole picture, black works fine.


  • Create a new project again, with 5 weight and 9 height

Fill the whole picture with the paint bucket


  • Now select the move tool and drag it over to our original project
  • Select layer 1 and background copy by holding shift and align them horizontally. Select only layer 1 and move it to the left just a bit like this. Now you can merge them by clicking control e.


  • Go ahead and drag our other project here.

Put the background copy on top and hide it so you can see what are you doing.

Select again by holding shift and align them vertically. Move just the layer 1 a bit and merge.

  • Go to file for the last time and create new project. Set the weight to 15 and the height to 10.

Those are the dimensions photo studios use for printing photos and as I said before, printing those would be cheap, In a matter of fact i printed mine for 30 cents.

  • Go ahead and drag our two layers over here, set them to the sides like this and merge them.
  • Grab the magic wand and select the white, click on add layer mask and apply the mask.



  • Paint the background black so you can see it. Now we got two blank Polaroid photos one horizontal one vertical. So let’s add our own photos.


  • Drag them in to Photoshop, scale them and put them under our mask. You can rotate them by holding shift. Make sure they fit the frame the way you want.
  • The go ahead and merge them


  • Repeat this with as many photos as you like
  • When you are finished, right click on background copy and go to blending options,


Check bevel. You don’t need to change the settings, they are set to minimum, the way we need them to be.


  • Go to color overlay and chose a yellowish color, even not noticeable and click okay.


  • What we need to do now just save the photos as JPEG, and print them.












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