iPhone 8 – Specs and Improvements

There was not much surprise when the last iPhone was released – The iPhone 7 and 7+. Almost all the rumors were correct. But looking at the front of the phone there are zero changes compared to its precursor the 6s.

In fact, you can’t tell if those iPhones are 6 or 6s or maybe 7.

But with the iPhone 8 everything is about the display. Bigger, better and more power efficient. Let’s jump in all the latest rumors about the next iPhone .

The Name

Is it going to be just iPhone 8 or because of the 10th anniversary of Apple maybe iPhone 10?

We think it is safe to presume it is going to be iPhone 8.


How many models?

Reliable sourses claim that there are going to be 3 sizes.

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8+
  • iPhone 8 Exclusive



  • Full Glass Design, front and back.

  • Organic LED Display
  • No Home Button (In display integrated button)
  • Dual Lenses


Wireless Charging (Distance wireless charging)

There are a lots of rumors that point to the fact that Apple are integrating wireless charging in to the new iPhone 8. Not just wireless charging , but  wireless charging from a distance.

Charging while holding your phone in a room. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


Improved taptic engine

The need of an improved tactic engine is because of the in display integrated home button. Apple will work its magic to make us feel like we are pressing a real home button.


Hardwere Power

The new A11 Chip is going to be crazy powerful.

Those are the confirmed upgrades from the A10 Chip:

  • 40%  Less Power Usage
  • 20% Faster


Those are all the more reliable rumors for the iPhone 8 at the moment, and comparing to the iPhone 7 rumors that all came true, those have a pretty good chance.

Let us know in the comments what you think.






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