How often should you turn off your computer?

Many people leave their computers turned on all night, and some of them are doing it on purpose, because they believe that the continued use of turning on and off  can cause problems.

It depends on how you use it. If you use it multiple times a day, it is better to remain switched on, but if you use it just one or two hours, then you can turn off the machine when you finish – says Steven Leslie from Geek Squad Agent.

If the machine is constantly switched-on, the stress is lower than that in the constant switching on and off.

On the other hand some devices have a limited lifespan, so if the LCD screen is constantly powered-on, it can take shorter because it is provided for tens of thousands of hours. It’s good to turn off the monitor when not in use.

The same applies to batteries and hard disks that will last longer if you turn them off when you don’t need to use them.

Some of the reasons why you should left the PC turned-on:

– If used as a server or for remote access

– If you make updates, scan for viruses or doing other activities while completing other tasks

– Do not want to wait for the system to boot

On the other hand these are reasons to be turned-off:

– To save on power consumption

– Because you do not want notifications to disturb you

– Because occasional turning off can improve performance

If you use the computer more hours per day, it is desirable to leave it on. However, you can invest in a UPS system that prevents variations in electric voltage, while a power failure will allow you to save the working document.

Also, the computer will last longer if you regularly clean it from dust, and update its software.

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