BOOSTED BOARD – King of Electric Skateboards

Boosted has just announced the second generation of its popular (and pricey) electric skateboard. The new version looks almost exactly the same as the original, but it offers swappable batteries (including longer-range options), a better Bluetooth connection with the remote, and a water-resistant build. Preorders start today, and the first units will start shipping to almost 20 different countries in eight weeks.


The Boosted team also made a much-needed improvement to the boards’ Bluetooth capabilities. There are now two Bluetooth radios in the board — the previous versions only had one, which meant you could only connect one device (your phone or the remote) to the board at a time. Building in two radios takes away the need to constantly disconnect and connect those devices, and also opens up opportunities for things like ride-tracking using your phone or live telemetry on something like an Apple Watch, according to Dastoor. The radios themselves are also stronger this time around, which should help cut down on one of the only real dangers of the previous version of the board — the occasional mid-ride dropping of the connection between the remote and the board.

The second-generation Boosted Board takes what was already a category-leading product and appears to make it even better. It was already hard to find major problems with the company’s previous board, and the new version addresses all the known inconveniences like range, lack of water-resistance, and a sometimes-sketchy Bluetooth connection. The only nagging issue that remains now is price — so here’s hoping that changes in generation three.


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