AirBar – turn any screen to touch screen


A powerful gadget that will turn any old laptop screen to touchscreen . Works with old monitors too. It works by bouncing infrared light off your fingers, interpolating where your fingers touch the surface of the screen. Make no mistake: A genuine touchscreen is more precise and offers more flexibility in terms of multitouch capabilities. But for those who want an inexpensive-but-serviceable alternative, the AirBar does the job.

But only two touch points are supported, so we’re talking broad-strokes sensitivity.

With a true touchscreen, it really doesn’t matter where you position your fingers—as long as they’re touching the screen, you can really hold your hand almost however you want. With the AirBar, it does matter, with emphatic pointing toward the screen producing the best effect.

how to Setup

The AirBar promises an level of simplicity: “Attach. Plug in. Touch,” the box copy says. No need to even download drivers! It works on both Windows 8 and Windows 10 machines, as well as Chromebooks.

The AirBar attaches via magnets: a pair of small magnets with sticky backing that attach to your screen’s bezel, and which grab onto the magnets on the AirBar itself.

Surprisingly effective, at least for laptops

Because the AirBar uses light to detect your touches, it promises a degree of flexibility: You can use your fingers, or a gloved hand, or even a paintbrush. Only two touch points are supported, so we’re talking broad-strokes sensitivity.

The AirBar is an intriguing, inexpensive USB peripheral that transforms an older non-touch display into a “touchscreen”.


  • Does it says — gives touch capabilities to older displays
  • Accuracy is very good, if sized correctly
  • The price is right


  • Only three sizes, and they must match the display
  • Not especially portable
  • AirBar isn’t big enough to fit most desktop monitors

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